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I’m approaching 30 and I believe in ageing gracefully. Though I have started my anti-ageing skin regime 2 years back, I was yet to find something that really boosts up skin’s youthfulness.  Finally, I have found it when the brand OSIYAN Beauty has sent me their Auva youth boost day cream. OSIYAN Beauty is an Indian brand/ website which brings us some truly extraordinary international brand. It is the luxurious and conscious beauty solution available in India today. They offer everything natural and organic, so no paraben, SLS and harmful chemicals. Osiyan Beauty offers a wide range of beauty goodies for those looking to treat their skin with care it deserves. They are so kind to send me their most raved Auva youth booster day cream, Auva lip balm and few other samples. All of the products are premium and top-end quality and really hard to find in the Indian market. So today I will be sharing my experience with their Auva youth booster.

INR: 6240/- for 50ml.
The cream comes housed in a white plastic bottle with a pump fitted at the top. The nozzle is secure under a white cap. The pump works nicely, oozes out the exact quality that is needed for one-time use, so no mess or wastage of product. Every detail related to the product is mention on the packaging. Overall, the packaging is fuss-free and easy to carry.

My View

The cream is very rich and buttery in texture. It has dense creamy consistency. It a has a mild pleasant smell that never irritates your nose. I have been using this cream for past couple of weeks now. I generally use it in daytime before applying makeup. It works as a good moisturizer base for my makeup to glide on smoothly. Though the texture is rich, the cream doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin. The formula is lightweight and easily absorbed into the deepest layers of the epidermis.
It has some unique active ingredients like Yeast Extract, Phytoceramides, Hyaluronic Acid and Bioflavonoids  The ingredients help increasing amount of water in the epidermis which leads boost cell turnover; hence wrinkles are reduced in length and number and skin elasticity is improved to a younger and brighter looking complexion.
When I applied the cream for the first time, the only thing I felt was nourishment. It made my skin baby soft, silky and glowing. In just a use, my skin has imparted a soft glow. I did not feel to apply any BB cream or foundation. I just applied a little concealer under eyes and on some dark spots, not all over my face as I really liked the radiant glow. I applied a coat of mascara and lipstick and headed over to my office. I got compliments on my skin from everyone I met. Trust me. Since then I have been using it and loving it to the bit. My skin becomes softer, firmer and radiant day by day. Though I do not have wrinkles it seems to have mildly ironed out my smile lines as well. I really like how it reduced the dullness of my skin in just 2 weeks of usage.
But the thing is, it initially broke my skin out. But afterwards, I did not face any such issue. So at this point, I have mixed expectation from this cream.
My Rating: 4/5.
Final verdict: I love the formulation, the fragrance and overall effects on my skin. It enhanced my skin complexion, reduced dullness and gives a radiant looking skin. I would love to recommend Auva Youth booster to someone with dry and ageing skin.


What do you think about this cream? Is it worth trying? Share your comments below.

That’s all for today. Hope you find this post helpful. See you my next post
**Disclaimer: the product was sent by the brand; however my review is completely based on my own experience.



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