Act Responsibly with Eco-friendly disposable tableware from Greenfare

Hello Everyone,
Now we are much concern about what we eat and use. We definitely
try to eat organic foods and grow organic vegetables then we pack and serve them
in plastic plates. Donโ€™t we? Somehow we manage to serve food at home or pack
kids launch in metal wares. But it is bit difficult to organize parties or
function without those plastic and thermocol table wares which may cause many
harmful outcomes.  Those plastic and thermocol table wares are
toxic and made of harmful chemicals which may even leads cancer and stomach diseases.
Those are not fully disposable and very much harmful to our environment. So this
is the right time to choose a natural made disposable, Eco-friendly tableware.
Greenfare is a company who believes in better and healthier tomorrow. The
company made table ware from Areca Plum leaf which are full disposable and environment

How this Eco-friendly table wares are made:

These table wares are made with naturally fallen leaves from
Areca Plum tree. Hence no trees were harmed to manufacture the product. The naturally
fallen leaves are collected, cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing. No
chemicals are used in making of these table wares.

My view
As we know that our ancestors use banana leaf to serve and
store food and even in 21st century, some culture still believe in
using those tree leaf for serving food. Even when we are going to eat those
yummy street foods or chaats, we are not completely satisfied if the foods are
not being served in leaf made plates or cones. Somehow we believe that this increases
the taste of food. Actually greenfare brings us those plate and food holder in
such sophisticated way, so that we can use those eco โ€“friendly, easily
disposable tableware in our day to day life.
Green fare products are 100% natural, biodegradable, easily compostable
and eco-friendly. They do not harm to the environment as they do not leave any
trace behind after degradation. They are natural, chemical free, food safe, freezer
safe and microwave safe.
I placed some leftovers in the plate and bowl and refrigerated
for 8 hours. On next day I took out those and re-heat in microwave. Believe me they
are completely freezer and microwave safe.
My Rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy from their website.

Final verdicts: Yes these are little pricey compare to those
plastic and thermocal plates but safety and health implication of our family
and kids are priceless. I would highly recommend this eco-friendly, disposable
table wares from Greenfare to all.

What do you think about these eco-friendly disposable table wares? Share your comments below.
That’s all for today. See you in my next post.
**Disclaimer: These table wares are sent by the brand in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. All this while, I have been looking for these since the time I saw them at an event but did not know where to get them. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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