Aroma Essentials Carrot Sun Block SPF30: Review

Hello Everyone,
Sun block is must for me when it comes to skin care. I’m in
habit of applying sun screen everyday regardless of whether I stay at home or
step out. I never skip applying sun block whether it sunny or rainy and would recommend
everyone the same. Today I’m going to review another product from aroma essential,
in my earlier post I talked about their Orange Splash and Serum Control Gel.
Today I will be sharing my views on their Carrot Sun block which I have been
using for 3 weeks now. So let’s get into the detailed review.

INR: Rs. 175/-  for 20gm.
Packaging: Packaging is basic and tidy. The gel comes in a
small plastic container with screw open lid. It also has an inner lid to
prevent further spillage. Necessary information is printed over the container.
Overall, packaging is cute, sturdy and easy to carry.

My view

The sun block is pale yellow in color and has rich whipped cream
like texture with thick and creamy consistency. It blends into my skin effortlessly
and get absorbed easily. It smells like herbal product, but not something weird
or unbearable. Smell lingers for some times after application.
It has blends of carrot seed oil, mint, lavender and zinc oxide
and for that it leaves a light white cast on my skin which settles down after
few minutes or so. Carrot seed oil has natural sunblock property which protects
skin from UVB rays. It has anti-aging property as well.
I generally apply it before stepping out; a pea size amount
is enough for covering face and neck. It blends well and leaves my skin feel
moisturized and plump. It feels little greasy on my oily skin after blending,
but I can fixed it by applying pressed powder over it. It has SPF 30 which protects
skin from UVA/UVB rays. I do not face any major tanning while using this sun
block. I re-apply it every 3 hours though I did not face much sun exposure
throughout the day,I think this sunblock is ideal for that. But if your skin faces
a lot sun exposure then this sun block is not enough, you have to put on a
heavy duty sun screen underneath.

My rating: 3.5/5.
Where to buy: You can buy from here.
Final verdict:  If you
are looking for a moisturizer for day time wear then definitely check this one
out. May be, I will repurchase it at winter as I makes my skin bit oily. I
think it is a good moisturizing cream that have SPF30 for sun protection and also
make your skin hydrate and plump. I would recommend this sun block to someone
with normal skin, but if you are someone who works under the Sun every day,
then would suggest giving it a miss. 
Have you used Aroma Essential Acne Control Gel? Share your comments below.
that’s all for today. See you in my next post.

**Disclaimer: Product was sent by the brand, but my opinion is completely honest and unbiased. 

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  1. I haven't used any sun block so far and frankly, even after using one, I don't see any major change in my skin's appearance. That said, I understand that a sun block's importance cannot be discounted. Just because I don't witness any change post using it, doesn't mean it is a completely pointless product. A major reason why I do not use one is because most sun blocks are heavy and bear a nauseating smell. I feel highly uncomfortable in wearing that.

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