Tutorial on Green and Blue eye makeup look step by step with pictures

Hey Pretties,
These days I’m playing around with colors, no, no did not
prepare for the next Holi. I love doing colorful bright eye make ups. Few
days back I have posted some pictures of green and blue eye makeup look on
Facebook and Instagram. I have many request for that tutorial. So I thought of
doing it today. Let’s start with step by step tutorial.

For eyes

Step 1:
Prep your eyes with primer and concealer to cancel any
discoloration. Set it with compact or loose powder.
Step 2:
Take out a dark green eye pencil and start filling eye lid
area concentrating more on outer corner and smudging it with ring finger or
small smudging blush. Do not give much pressure.
Step 3:
Take a green eye shadow on a flat blush and start packing it
on ½ of the eye lid. Just Deposit the color, do not smudge.
Step 4:
Now take a sea green shadow or blue based green shadow on
the other side of the same flat blush and start packing it, do not go till the
outer cover. Again just deposit the color, do not smudge.
Step 5:
Take a bright blue eye shadow with slight green hue on
pointed blush and apply on the outer V area. Again just apply the color, do not
smudge it.
Step 6:
Now take a shadow similar to your skin tone on fluffy
blending brush and start blending the harsh edges into the crease. Go on
softly. Now take medium brown shadow on the same fluffy blush and buff it into
the crease line. This will deepen the crease. Take a shimmery Champaign eye
shadow into small pencil brush and apply in the inner corner of eyes as well as
brow bone area.
Step 7:
Take a black liquid liner and start lining upper lash line,
winged it out.
Step 8:
Apply black kohl in the lower lash line and smudge it with
that medium brown eye shadow to get a natural look. Then take that sea green
shadow on a pencil blush and apply just below that smudging liner. Don’t forget
to tight line your eyes with black kajal, this will make your lashes appear
thicker. Groom your brows.
Step 9:
Wipe off any fallout. Conceal under eye area. Do not skip
concealing under eye area, this will brighten up your eyes. Apply your favorite
mascara to finish off.
For face
Step 1:
Conceal any spot or redness around the face, then apply your
favorite foundation and stating blending with wet beauty sponge for a flawless
Step 2:
Contour under cheek bones, jawline and forehead. Don’t
forget to contour your nose.
Step 3:
Apply a peachy pink blush
Step 4:
Apply the same Champaign color with a fan brush as a highlighter
on the forehead, bridge of nose, tip of the nose, cheekbones and cupid bow.  
Step 5:
Apply a hot pink lipstick.
And Voila! Green and blue eye shadow makeup look is ready to

What do think about today’s look? Did you enjoy it? If you
have any suggestion, please do let me know in comment below. I would love to
hear. If you are going to try this look then share your makeup look with
#throughmypinkwindow, so that I can check and appreciate.
That’s all for today,
stay tuned for more such tutorial


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