Mamaearth C3 Charcoal, Coffee and Clay Face Mask: Review

Hello lovelies!
Blemishes and pigmentations are definitely bothersome.
Aren’t they? They can be caused by harmful Sunrays or during pregnancy for
sudden hormonal changes. Many moms would certainly agree with me that during
pregnancy, our skins were glowing and radiant. But Post pregnancy it became
dull, uneven and pigmented. Some are even facing “Pregnancy Marks” too.  And when we try to treat those masks, we
probably end up using chemical laden products unknowingly. So at this point
here comes Mamaearth C3 Face mask to rescue us. Charcoal is a big trend right
now! Charcoal is everywhere – from your tooth paste to face wash to face mask.
Charcoal is an effective ingredient to reduce blemishes and excess sebum.  So let’s scroll down to know that this face
mask really worth the hype or not.

INR: 599/- for 100ml.

Packaging: It comes in a bulky plastic tub packaging with
screw open lid. There is an extra leak-proof tray lid inside which closes quite
tightly. Every details related to the product is mention on the white and pink
label. Because of the tub packaging, it is a bit unhygienic but using a wooden
spoon can solve this problem. Overall packaging is good in quality and leak-proof.

My Views

I really like the way that the brand named it -c3 i.e.
Charcoal, Coffee and Clay. It is a readymade face pack which looks exactly like
tar with peppermint smell. It is grayish black in color and has semi thick
consistency. The texture is very smooth and creamy so it spreads on face very
evenly without much pulling.
This mask contains extracts of papaya, mulberry, cucumber
which helps in reducing blemishes, dark spots and lighten the complexion.  The key ingredient charcoal controls excess
oil and sebum secretion and removes toxins thus it helps in reducing the acne
and pimples. Coffee helps simulating the blood circulation thus helps in
brighten the skin. Whereas clay helps in tightening skin and prevent
wrinkles, thus gives a firm younger looking skin. The best part of Mamaearth
products is they are paraben, SLS, harmful chemicals free and made safe
I applied a generous amount of this pack on my face, as soon
as I applied it I feel a minty, tingling, cooling sensation which felt very
fresh and relaxing. The cooling effect stayed until I washed off the mask. I
kept the mask for 20-25 minutes but it did not dried up at all. So it did not
give any stretchy feeling during. Then I splashed a little water on face and
gave a gentle massage and washed off the mask. Massage exfoliates the skin thus
removes dead cells, black heads and dirt. Post use my skin felt soft, nourished
and super hydrated, so I could really skip my moisturizer. It imparted subtle
glow and a bit blighting right after the use, so I could say that it detoxifies
the skin, clears pores and removes impurities effectively.
I have been using this mask for a month now, 2 times a week. All I can say that it improves my skin texture, makes it firmer and lighten acne
. I do not have wrinkle and pigmentation issues, so I can’t say anything
about those claims. Overall it is a good charcoal based face mask available in
the Indian market right now which leaves your skin detoxified and radiant.
Though I find that the price is a bit higher side and
availability in the local market is an issue.

                   Mamaearth Nourishing Body Lotion review                
My rating: 4/5.
Where to buy: You can buy it from Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

Final verdict:  When
the people all over the world run behind charcoal based products, I really find
this c3 mask is best charcoal based face mask available in the Indian market
right now. I’m satisfied using this product and definitely repurchasing it when
it will finish off. I would strongly recommend this mask to everyone who is
facing pigmentation issue and those moms and moms to be who are fighting with dull,
lifeless skins.

Have you tried Mamaearth C3 Face Mask? Which face mask are you using?
Share your comment below.
that’s all for today. Stay tuned for more.
**Disclaimer: PR package, but my review is honest and unbiased.

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  1. The ingredients look awesome and I loved your detailed review. How well have you explained it the benfits and usage. You made it a must try for readers.

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