Olivia Skin Polishing Facial Kit with Diamonds: Review

Hello Everyone,
When it comes to do facial, I feel so lazy. Also it is
difficult for me to go to salon for facial specially in weekends after handling
a super naughty baby and all that house hold chores. So I find out a way by
doing my own facial ay home- it definitely saves my money, time and energy. Some
week back I have got a diamond facial kit from the brand Oliva and Iโ€™m using it
every Sunday since then. I think the time is enough to share my review with you
all. So today I will be reviewing Olivia Skin Polishing Facial Kit with Diamonds.

INR: Rs. 2000/- for 400gm.

My review on Olivia Skin Polishing Facial Kit with Diamonds:

Packaging: The kit is basically containing 5 products-
diamond cleanser, diamond face scrub, Diamond massage cream, diamond face pack
and diamond face serum. All the products come in a dark blue card board box. It
has 4 plastic jars and a dispenser. You can see all details like usage
direction of each product, ingredients and other instruction at the back of the
box. Overall, I find the packaging is very user friendly at the same time
Olivia Skin Polishing Facial Kit with Diamonds has every detail regarding the
system well categorized and explained, so I find it very easy to use your own
at home.
1. Diamond cleanser: First product of this system is the
diamond cleanser which comes in a blue and black plastic jar with screw open
cap. It is blue gel cleanser with lots of sparkling particles. It contains pure
diamond dust and Licorice extract. You have to apply it on the face and neck,
massage it for 5 minutes in circular motion and wipe it with wet cotton.  It helps in removing oil and dust from your
face and also cleaning clogged pores, make your face ready for the next step.

2. Diamond Scrub: Using Diamond Scrub is the second step of
the system. You have to apply it on your clean face and neck, massage it in
circular motion for 5 minute and wipe with moist cotton. After that take few
drops of diamond polishing serum and massage it until it is absorbed. The
diamond scrub is light blue in color and has creamy texture. It has very fine
scrubbing particles which not harsh at all. It helps it removing dead cells and
fading dark spot from the skin. Post use it leaves my skin feel soft, smooth
and glowing. It also opens pores so that the massage cream can easily penetrate into the skin. 

3 Diamond Massage Cream: Applying Diamond massage cream is
the 3 step. You have to take a plenty amount of massage cream, apply to your
wet face, massage gently in circular movement f or 5 minutes. Wipe off the
excess with wet cotton. After that take few drops of diamond polishing serum
and massage it until it is absorbed. The massage cream is blue in color and has
very creamy texture. It has rich creamy consistency. The formula helps in
moisturizing and increasing elasticity of the skin. It contains Vitamin E along
with pure diamond dust and Licorice which helps in revive your skin and prevent
damage from free radicals. It makes my skin look fresh and rejuvenated just
after application. Though it is a thick cream, but it doesnโ€™t break me out.

4. Diamond face pack: Now you have to apply diamond face
mask on your face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes then wipe with wet
cotton. The face pack is mint green color and has runny consistency. Once you
apply it on your face and neck you will find that it doesnโ€™t gives any tingling
or burning sensations which I like the most. It also dries out quickly. It
imparts firmness, making it look brighter and even toned skin.

5 Diamond polishing serum: Now finish off your facial by
applying this Diamond polishing serum at the end. It is light blue in color and
has thick gel like texture. You have to take few drop of it and apply on you
face and neck until it is absorbed. It helps in maintaining hydration, improve
skin elasticity and leave it softer. At the end I have notice that my skin looks
radiant and feels plump up and bouncy.


  • Ideal for home use.
  • Easily use on your own.
  • Each and every steps are well described, so no changes of
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Suits all type of skin.
  • Works wonder.
  • Easily available.


  • Some may find it bit pricy. But trust me quantity will last
    you long and the result it gives is completely worth every penny.

Rating: 4.5/5.
Final verdict: Honestly speaking this diamond polishing
facial kit is a savior at least for me. It saves my time, money and energy
which lost in going to the salon and wait for hours. At least I spend those
valuable hours with my kid and for my blog. The result it gives is quite
impressive. Many might think that it is a bit expensive, but I would say that
we pay lot of bucks in one salon facial service and this will last you quite
long and also gives salon like result. I would highly recommend this to everyone
specially those busy moms like me to give it a go.

I have a great news you share with you all that Triveni Barman from Assam is crowned Olivia Bleach Miss Glowing Skin 2017 at fbb Clors Femina Miss India 2017 by Mr. Irfan Memon, Director, Olivia Cosmetics. Congratulation Triveni, Wishing you great success in life ahead.

Have you tried Olivia Diamond facial kit? If not Which
facial kit have you used?
Share your comment below.
Thatโ€™s all for today,
** PR samples but the review is completely honest. 

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