Maybelline New York Hyper Matte liquid liner: Review and Swatch

Hello my lovelies,
How are you all? Today I’m going to review one of my
all-time favorite Maybelline New York Hyper Matte liquid eye liner. Being a
loyal customer of the brand Maybelline how can I forget to review this
beauty!!! I’m the one who never step out of home without applying eyeliner or
kajal, so quite obvious that this is my go to product and the best part is that
I got these as a free gift from the brand in my last visit to the Maybelline
let’s start the review to know more about the Maybelline New York Hyper Matte
liquid eye liner

INR: Rs. 325/- for 3gm.

My review on Maybelline New York Hyper Matte liquid liner:

Packaging: Liner comes in a long, sleek tube which has
white color bottom with long thin black screw cap. A long and precise
applicator attached inside which makes it easy to hold and draw precise line.
The brush is super fine which is great for draw a perfect winged liner or any detailed
application. One word the packaging is fuss-free, travel friendly and sturdy.
Shade: Black.
Formula and texture: It by far has the perfect formula I have ever tried in an eyeliner. It is neither too thick nor too runny- just
perfect consistency. Texture is quite smooth, glides evenly in just one stroke,
and gives jet black color. When applies it looks wet and shiny but after some
second or so it dries down in semi matte finish. It dries down so quick that
one has to be very quick in application otherwise has to do lining all over
Finish: I found this is a downside of this eye liner that it dries to a semi matte finish, not super matte. After completely getting
dried it still has some of the shine on. The black shade somewhat looks faded
after drying. So it doesn’t offer a complete matte jet black liner though I couldn’t
complain more in such affordable price tag.

Staying power: It gives opaque coverage in single swipe.
It’s truly a long- lasting product that doesn’t smudge or budge. It stays on me
for 8+ hour which quite impressive for a drug-store range.  It doesn’t crackle or chip neither peel off.
But if you rub your eyes, then it will definitely peel and flake off. It is not
water resistant so it comes off easily with plain water.


  • Budget friendly.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Long and precise applicator gives good grip.
  • Super fine brush allows to draw thin and perfect line every time.
  • Perfect consistency.
  • Glides evenly and opaque in single swipe.
  • Well pigmented.
  • Long lasting.
  • Doesn’t smudge.
  • Easily available and travel friendly packaging.


  • Not super matte finish.
  • Black shade looks faded after drying.
  • Easily comes off.
  • Peels off if rubbed.

Rating: 3/5.

Final Verdict: This is by far pigmented, long stay,
affordable eye liner I have been tried. Though it gives semi matte finish with faint black shade after getting dried down, but I couldn’t
complain more in such affordable price tag. So if you are in a budget and
looking for good eyeliner for everyday wear to work or collage, then you can
definitely give this a go.
That’s all for today….
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