How to wear Kajal/ Kohl in 5 different ways

Hello Everyone,
It is been ages that I did not post anything on makeup, so
today I am going to post on 5 different ways to wear a kajal/kohl (you guy
already know from the title). You can find me wearing these sort of styles in
different occasions. No doubt that I love wearing kajal on everyday basis, from
simple liner look to bold/ dramatic eyes. A Kajal is one and only makeup that
can defines and frames your face in some seconds or so. 

If you guys want to
know 5 different looks using a kajal/kohl, then here goes the looks-
1. Liner- This look is simplest of all. Just line your lower
lash line and you are done. I carry this eyes every to work or any formal

2. Tight line- This look is done by tight lining your both water line. Line your upper water line makes your eye lash look
thicker and it instantly appears your eyes bigger and brighter. I would suggest
trying this look when you are in hurry, just tight line both lash line and your
eyes look quite defined enough. 

3. Using as an eyeliner- Just dawn a line in your upper and lower lash line exactly as an eyeliner and
you will have a perfect eyeliner look using only a kajal pencil. This look is
my favorite of all.
4. Winged Liner- You can achieve a perfect winged liner look
by drawing a wing in the outer corner of eyes. You can use tape or card to
outline with a guide.
5.Smudged liner- You can have this look by framing eyes
first then gently smudging the liners using cue tip or simply with your ring
finger. Smudging can add smokiness and drama to your eyes. 
Anyone can achieve
this look in less than 5 minutes. I would suggest carrying this bold look to
any party or night outs, your smudged Smokey eyes definitely add some mystery
to your whole outfit.
Hope you like the look! Let me know in the comment below
which one you prefer the most? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I love the smudged liner look. Most kajals smudge on me, so I find it easy to do its work πŸ˜€
    I however do try my best to set up with a black/brown shadow.

  2. I loved this post as I love kajal. Eye makeup is the most crucial part of my day and I take lot of time to meticulously apply that. You have beautiful eyes by the way Papri.

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