Pasta in White Sauce: Recipe

Hello everyone,
Today’s recipe came all the way from my own kitchen- Pasta
in white sauce
. It is such a tempting dish and loved by almost everybody, from
kids to adult to old. So without any further delay let’s jump into the details.
pasta in white sauce
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pasta in white sauce

Recipe for Pasta in White Sauce:

Pasta- 1 cup (tea cup).
Butter- 2 table spoon full.
All purpose flour- 1 table spoon.
Milk- 2 cups (tea cup).
Grated cheese- half cup.
Pasta mix- 1 tea spoon.
Chilli flakes- half tea spoon.
Crashed black pepper- Half tea spoon.
Sugar to taste.
Salt to taste.
Water for boil the pasta.


To boil and ready the pasta– In a medium sized container add 2
cups of water and a pinched of salt and allow it to boil; then add the pasta
into it and boil till the pasta get soft. Add a little oil into it. Then stain
the water and keep the cooked pasta aside.
To make to white sauce– Hit a pan, add the butter into it.
When the butter malts down completely add the all-purpose flour into it and keep
stirring it with a spoon or hand whisker , so that no lumps formed. Cook for 2 minutes then add milk little by little and keep stirring. Let’s cook it
for 7-10 minutes, after that add the grated cheese into it and stir well. Cook
it in medium flame and keep stirring till the sauce become thick and creamy.
Then add the pasta and give a good mix. After that add Pasta mix, chilli
flakes, black pepper, sugar and salt into it and mix with the pasta. Switch off the
flame. Paste in white sauce is ready to serve.

I really love to have pasta in this way because it’s so nice
and creamy. If you try this recipe do let me know in the comment section below.
I would love to hear from you.
Disclaimer: I’m not a professional cook or chef. I’m only a person who love cooking and passionate about it. The measurement and procedure I have maintained here is exactly the way I measure and cook at home.   

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