Success Stories From The Weight Loss Files: Featuring VLCC

by - June 22, 2017

"What Made Me Finally Do It"

Hello Everyone,
Obesity and weight issues are nothing but a disease that opens doors for other diseases to enter the body. Weight not only degrades the living standards but it also messes with the confidence and self-worth. People often start hating themselves for gaining weight land themselves into depression.
This is just so sad! I have seen few of my friends, who feel unloved and rejected because of their weight. And there is only one solution for this problem, which is to get rid of that extra weight. This isn’t so easy for you to point out if you see your friend going through so much of pain.
Success Stories From The Weight Loss Files

I believe you should lose weight and look well for yourself rather than fit into the beauty standards set by the society. My friend was lucky enough to realize that her weight was not only causing her depression but was also messing with her health. One day she just came to my place with a VLCC brochure in her hand and announced that she will be fitting in all of my dresses in 3 months. I can’t explain how I felt at that time.

What Made Me Finally Join VLCC
Well, thankfully her story is not as dramatic as she didn’t have to go through any humiliation, or bullying or breakup to have this awesome transformation.

Saying she was an overweight is an understatement as she was only 14 years old, and weighed around 95 Kg.  Now imagine her BMI score. Not good. Trust me. I still remember that day when we were out shopping looking for dresses, and we couldn’t find a single store that had her size. This didn’t feel humiliating for some reason to her, rather opened her eyes to her unhealthy lifestyle. Looking at those beautiful dresses I felt bad for her that she was not able to wear what she liked most.

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That day she said to me that she wants to wear Zara dresses and wants to look awesome.

Next day when she came to my house with a VLCC brochure, I was a bit confused thinking what is she up to? She asked me to pay a visit to the VLCC Wellness Center with her. I could see the happiness and excitement in her eyes. So, we went to the nearest VLCC Center. The staff was very humble and they patiently answered all our questions.  A slimming expert was allotted to my friend. She made a personalized diet and exercise plan for her for 3 months and helped her to reduce 40 kgs. It was relatively easy for her as VLCC weight loss program comprised of multiple ways including lifestyle management, exercise, yoga, meditation, diet chart and excludes surgeryJ 

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Today she has achieved her goal and weighs just 57 Kg and can fit in a size 8, which is available for dresses in all lifestyle brands.
The best thing about VLCC facilitators was that they motivated her throughout the program. They used to say inspiring stuff and made the positive affirmations, which further pushed her towards her goal.
Her transformation was an amazing feeling indeed; it’s like finding your true self again and falling madly in love with it.
Her transformation was really extraordinary for me which made me join VLCC Wellness Center too, to reduce the baby fat from my arms and thighs. I will be joining the VLCC Slimming program from next month. 
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The lesson I learnt from this transformation journey of 3 months:
“You are amazing; don’t let your weight come in the way of you loving yourself. Stop complaining, because you were not made this way. So go ahead and bring some changes in your life to become extraordinary today.”
Few motivational thoughts that VLCC team used to share with my friend are:
1. Imagine how awesome you will look once you lose inches from your waist, hips, and thigh.
2. Think about the fashion trends you will be able to follow confidently.
3. Think about how happy and healthy you will feel once you get rid of those extra tires from your stomach.
So, don’t let your mind mess with you. Learn to love yourself and adapt a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will also make you feel confident, giving you fresh glowing skin.  

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