How to do Smokey eye | Smokey eye tutorial for beginner easy step by step

by - February 21, 2017

Hello Everyone,
Smokey eyes now days are talk of the town. Everyone wants to achieve the perfect Smokey eyes, so I am here with another easy peasy  tutorial of doing smokey eyes step by step.
How to do Smokey eye

So lets get down to the steps-

Step 1

Conceal nicely the eyelid and under eye area for cancel any discoloration.
How to do Smokey eye

Step 2

Apply peach or light brown eye shadow in the crease. Blend it well and bring it to little above the crease.
How to do Smokey eye
How to do Smokey eye

Step 3

Apply medium brown eye shadow on the crease area and blend it nicely. Do not blend it above the crease, concentrating more on the outer corner of the eyes. 
How to do Smokey eye
How to do Smokey eye

Step 4

Apply black shadow on the lid area. Then take a fluffy blending brush with that medium brown eye shadow on it and blend the black shadow in the crease area with back and forth motion. You can intensified the black color by apply it with a wet brush. Keep on blending and reapplying process until you satisfy with the result.
How to do Smokey eye
How to do Smokey eye
How to do Smokey eye

Step 5

Clear up any fall outs. Apply kajal or black kohl on the lower lash line then take the same medium brown color in a pencil brush and blend the kajal or kohl nicely. Apply the kajal or kohl on the upper lash line and blend it too (without taking any brown shadow, blend only the kajal). Put a shimmery highlight shadow on the tear duck area and the on the brow bone, blend them well. Apply loads of your favorite mascara on lashes and you are done.
How to do Smokey eye
How to do Smokey eye

Point to be noted:
  • You have to color correct and conceal the under eye area very well otherwise the Smokey eyes make you look very dull and sick.
  • Apply highlighting concealer on the under eye.
  • Groom your brows.
  • Don’t forget to apply mascara.
  • Apply minimal color on your lips. (Nude, peach or light pink)
That’s it.
You are all done with your stunning Smokey eyes look.

How to do Smokey eye

Do you like this short tutorial   or planning to try this look out!!! Or if you have any quarries or suggesting Please let me know in comment below. I would love to hear from you.
That’s all for today,

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