Plum Hello Aloe Cleansing Lotion: Review

by - October 03, 2016

Hello My Beauties,

I have recently purchased Plum Hello Aloe cleansing lotion from Nykaa freedom sale. I was really searching a good makeup remover for long and when I got my eyes on it, I have decided to try it out. I am using the Plum hello aloe cleansing lotion for last 3-4 weeks and already seeing the visible difference on my skin it makes. I have combination to oily skin and acne or pimples appear occasionally on me. I find it is really reducing the pimples occurrence and makes my skin soft and supple. So I literally can’t wait to review such a good product i.e. Plum Hello Aloe cleansing lotion.
Plum Hello Aloe

INR: 390/- for 200ml.
Ingredients: The foremost part of this product is that it is totally vegan (does not contained any animal products), cruelty free( does not test on the animals), paraben and SLS free - these things attract me the most. It contains only organic and natural products which include-
Plum Hello Aloe

Claim: Why invent chemical cocktails? Start with aloe juice, add mild cleansing complex with natural oils, finish with a hint of fragrance. Cleanser should be *that* simple-and sensible.

Plum Hello Aloe

Plum Hello Aloe

Direction to use: Wet your face and neck; take a small amount of Plum Hello Aloe cleansing lotion on to your palm. Gently massage your face and neck for 5-6 minutes then rinse off with plain water.

Plum Hello Aloe

My Review on Plum Hello Aloe Cleansing Lotion:

Packaging: It comes in a white plastic bottle with pump dispenser packaging which makes it more convenient to use and maintain the hygiene as well. The bottle carries all the necessary information.

Plum Hello Aloe

Smell: it has a very mild and smoothing smell which does not irritate my sensitive nose at all.

Plum Hello Aloe

Texture and Consistency:  The product is pale green in color and has smooth and creamy texture. The consistency is more like lotion, neither too running nor too thick.  A coin sized amount is enough for cleaning both face and neck. It doesn’t lather too much and easily rinse off with plain water without leave any greasy residue behind.
As I have said earlier that I am using this for 3-4 week now and totally impressed by the result it gives. I mostly use it as makeup remover especially the eye makeup. It wonderfully removes all my eye makeup and foundation without irritating the eyes. I take a coin size amount, apply it on my wet face and neck and then gently massage for 4-5 minutes. Then rinse it off with cold water and pat dry. It instantly makes my skin feel soft and supple and deeply cleansed. Yes it does reduce the occurrence of pimples and acne and redness as well. It just cleans all dirt and grimes out of the face and makes the skin visibly clear and smooth.
Plum Hello Aloe
Plum Hello Aloe


Vegan, cruelty free organic product.
Makes skin visibly clear and smooth from the first wash.
Does reduces the pimples and acne.
Makes skin feel very soft and fresh after every wash.
Have very mild and soothing smell.
Easy to rinse off.
Paraben, SLS and harmful chemicals free.
Enriched with the goodness of aloevera juice and sunflower seed oils.
Hygienic pump dispenser packaging.


Little Pricey.
Available online only.

Final verdict: It does wonderful to me, I think , the result it gives completely worth the month. I am using this each and every day nonstop since I got the product. It visibly reduces my acne and pimple and also improve my skin texture. Highly recommended to those who are looking for good makeup remover or lotion based cleanser. To me it’s a must have for every vanity.


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